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At The Defining Moment Foundation we have an amazing opportunity to offer hundreds of senior adults throughout Bergen county a new and expanded and more joyous approach to “ageing”

Our program,

Wisdom Counts for Seniors Adults : is dedicated to teaching how to live with purpose and joy and curiosity and to understand the principles of Conscious Eldering as a loving approach in later years.

Vibrancy: The state of being full of energy and life.

Conscious Eldering sometimes referred to as New Eldering* ( for senior adults)  do we need this ?

promotes the theory that we can (now ) live continuously improving as we get older, provided that we continue to add value (be of service) and that we create and sustain authentic relationships with others of all ages.  In our workshops and lecture series (from) (at)?? The Defining Moment Foundation, Elders learn new techniques to become  keenly  aware of their surroundings, and the enormous contributions they continue to make to our communities and to all of society.

Definition of Conscious:

·    Aware of and responding to one’s surroundings

·    Having knowledge of something

·    Aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings

·    Aware of and responding to one’s surroundings, knowing what is happening around you.

·    Latin word whose original meaning was “knowing” or “aware”. So a conscious person has an awareness of their own environment, existence and thoughts.

 Eldering: definition

Senior adults who use this term to denote a focus in later life on greater interpersonal relationships, communication and service and on heightened spiritual development.

The Actions of the new Eldering Community

·    Remaining curious about the world

·     Profoundly acknowledging yourself and others

·    Staying Humble

·    Accepting other people, open to mutigenerational; friendship

·    Being radically committed tp possibilities

·    Listening generously

·    Having committed conversation

·    Seeking joy