Wisdom Counts for Seniors

Wisdom counts for Seniors: Choosing to be a Miracle

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a
miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Albert Einstein


In Tenafly, New Jersey, a woman approached us after four weeks to share that her son beat her and verbally abused her when he was drunk. We sought the correct help and counseling for both of them. It was a little miracle that originated from our class on elder bullying.

In Fairview, New Jersey, a woman taking our class on depression sought help and empowerment for her life after suffering needlessly for three years. She was 83 years old. She feels that we gave her back her life.

We recently celebrated a graduation for over 100 senior adults who had successfully completed our “Wisdom Counts” substance abuse prevention programs. During the six session classes a lovely woman from Ecuador sought our help and expressed the trouble she was having after taking our Freedom from Falls class. She was unwittingly mixing wine and antidepressants and sleeping pills, and after multiple hospital admissions for fractures and concussions she finally came to us for help. She was on this prior regime for two months. The woman was seeing a doctor who did not speak Spanish fluently. We saved her life with the aid of an appointed interpreter.

The Defining Moment Foundation works with at-risk senior adults to reverse and eradicate a culture of widespread substance abuse and bullying. The essential work of the Defining Moment Foundation in the fields of substance abuse prevention, anti-bullying, relapse therapy and educational health awareness programs has helped thousands of  senior adults, and their families since 1998. The Defining Moment Foundation has been recognized and awarded by both The Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders and The New Jersey State Legislature.

Our programs are unique to individuals and families seeking educational support within their communities.

We believe that every senior has the innate ability to recognize their powerful individual gifts, and to be encouraged to share them with others.